Discover How You Can Fast Track Your Way to Success to Running a Profitable eCommerce Business Without Having to Pay the Expensive Coaching Fees

Dear friend,

I want to help fast track your way to success with your eCommerce store.

I have been in your shoes before, and it wasn't that long ago.

You have a handful of questions that you cannot find consistent answers to.

You post your question in these Facebook groups and get 37 responses.

I see it everyday, and it just adds to the confusion.

Who do you believe?

Who do you trust?

Who knows anymore?

You continue to hear how "easy" Shopify is, but if it were easy -- wouldn't everyone be doing it?

Wouldn't everyone be rich?

Maybe it is not as easy as the gooroo marketers claim.

Maybe it does involve losing money on your initial Facebook campaigns



Here Are What Others Are Saying...

Dale Mueller

I had to opportunity to have a one on one call with Adam and it was great. Not knowing Adam I wasn’t sure what to expect. We are both family men, and he is far enough ahead in the process of eCommerce that he remembers what it's like hustling for your first sale and knows how to get it done as easily as possible. Our call was full of actionable insights from both the things that Adam has experienced in his store and suggestions for my own. I am glad to know that Adam is available to book for these calls when I need to draw on his experience and I look forward to speaking with him again.

Dale Mueller
Tainy Kone

Thanks Adam for an awesome call packed with actionable items.

What stood out the most to me is that you are genuinely trying to help. I have been part of quite a few masterminds and have worked with a few so called coaches but they were nowhere near as caring and helpful as you!

I would definitely recommend working with Adam to anyone looking for a top notch and genuine coach to help grow their ecom store.

Tainy Kone
Tim Castleman

Just spent some time with Adam Dukes talking about physical products and what he has been up to.

If you're even remotely thinking of being in the space, you'd be hard pressed to find a more open and honest mentor than him.

Seriously, some of the best time and money you could spend and I get nothing from him for saying that.

Hit him up, book a call, pay his fee and profit.

Pretty simple really.

Tim Castleman