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Dear Fellow Dad-Preneur,

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We are a group of men who are committed to

Here's the deal...

My name is Adam Dukes and I have been an online entrepreneur since 2010. It has not been easy -- At one point, I cashed out my 401k, battled constant self-doubt, borrowed money (at a 459% APR!) from Check City; the local check cashing store, have received repossession letters for not paying my car payment, endless calls from Bank of America about foreclosure, deep depression at times, and had times where it was tough to put food on the table.

Every entrepreneur has a journey, a rags-to-riches story, so to speak. I am not going to go into more detail about mine, but wanted to give you some context to my journey.

It is not easy to admit some of these failures, but feels good to share my story.

Looking back at it all, I wish I had shared my story as I was going through it, but was embarrassed. I was ashamed.

And I didn't have anyone to talk with.

I felt alone.

This is very common among men -- the feeling of being alone. The frightening feeling of being "on an island".

You feel you are the only ones dealing with these issues.

You feel that no one understands your pain.

You are embarrassed to talk about your feelings.

You fear judgement from others -- family, friends, co-workers.

You are ashamed to admit any "flaws" as you feel like that is a weakness.

Men, I have outstanding news for you...

You Are NOT Alone...

“And this is why I want to tell you a little more about Dad-Preneur Edge”

Dad-Preneur Edge is a place for other Dad-preneurs to share our struggles, along with our wins.

It’s about inspiring others when times are tough.

It’s about sharing insights from our journeys in life.

It's a place where you can connect with others, ask questions & share your insights with Dads just like yourself.

My how things have changed in just a few short months...

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