How to Launch a "Job Replacing" eCommerce Store in the Next 6 Months, Allowing You to Tell Your Boss to "Piss Off!"

Work with me for 6 weeks personally to launch & grow your own "job replacing" eCommerce store in the next 6 months...without sacrificing your money, your sanity, or your reputation!

Dear friend,

If you would like to learn how to launch an eCommerce store, so that you can tell your boss to piss off by the end of the year, this letter will show you how.

I am writing this letter from a coffee shop just down the street form my house. Occasionally, I need to change my scenery, so I pack up my laptop, head to the coffee shop, put my headphones on and write.

You see, I have been working from home since 2010. No boss to answer to, no alarm clock, no morning commute.

I create my own schedule, and I don't work on Fridays as I spend the day with my two little kids. Very rarely do I work on weekends, unless I want to.

Now, it wasn't always like this. When I got started, I worked 7 days a week, often times 12-14 hour days making very little money. McDonald's would have paid better, but I knew eventually I would “crack the code” to making money online.

Damn near 6 years later, and every mistake one could make, I have found a sustainable business model that has unlimited potential, and very little start up costs.

Over the years, I have made just bout every mistake – some 2 or 3 times! These mistakes were lessons, but cost me a lot of time, money and frustration.

Recently, a 25-year old Solar City sales rep out of Denver hired me for one-on-one coaching. He understood the value of “learning from others' mistakes”. He was looking for a shortcut to success.

Six months later, I am proud to say he no longer works for Solar City and is earning a full-time income from home.

Now I understand that everyone cannot afford private one-on-one coaching, and that's ok.

I also realize that a home study course is not always enough, as it lacks two very important ingredients to online success – accountability and support.

And that is what I want to help you with.

Recently, I held a 6 week intensive training where helping a select few build their very own, “job replacing” eCommerce store.


  • Six week intensive mastermind
  • Weekly group training & support; multi-media training
  • ‘Done for You’ templates and step-by-step worksheets
  • My personal hand on your business success
  • Five recorded Q & A coaching calls
  • 24/7 mastermind private forum; networking & support
  • Limited spaces
  • Not for everyone


  • Discovering what YOU truly want
  • Locking down your daily discipline
  • Generating the income, you desire with daily money practices
  • Creating the life, you desire with daily intentions


  • What to look for when picking a profitable niche
  • Getting out of your own way!
  • Why fast action is the key to your success
  • The secret sauce to get started FAST!
  • Specific niche & product ideas that are relatively UNTAPPED
  • What a buyer persona is and why you need to create one
  • The ONE question you need to answer before marketing your store -- so many skip this crucial step, and wonder why their store never gains traction
  • What tools to use to find HOT selling items
  • Should you use the free + shipping model?


  • Why you MUST have a P.O. box when running a store and where to find one
  • The one box you must check in your settings, allowing you to email your customers in the future (where the BIG money is made)
  • The 2 pages you MUST have in place, before running any type of online advertising
  • How to customize your theme without hiring an expensive designer
  • The profit producing apps I suggest to use when getting started
  • How to install your Facebook tracking pixel in less than 60 seconds
  • How to properly add products to your Shopify store so your customers click the 'add to cart' button more frequently
  • The EXACT Shopify vendors I use that help increase conversions & sell more products


  • How you can leverage Facebook’s data for FREE
  • The 4 phases of a "bulletproof" Facebook ads strategy
  • How to set up a winning Facebook ad
  • How to BLOCK the trolls – automatically!
  • The unsexy part of the business, but the secret to your success – tracking your numbers
  • FB Ad tricks & hacks that will save you time & frustration
  • The "perfect" Facebook ad template
  • The 4 key elements all your ads need to maximize profitability
  • How to set up your custom audiences
  • My "against the grain" targeting I use to uncover very profitable pockets of customers
  • DOWNLOAD:  The advanced FB ads strategy outline


  • ​​​​The hybrid approach I used when dropshipping & using a warehouse
  • Self fulfillment vs. fulfillment centers -- What should you use? What is more cost effective?
  • How to source products in the US
  • A list of 93 US based suppliers who dropship
  • When to hire a VA and where to look
  • Diversifying your traffic and the ONLY place I recommend going from top level training
  • A $95k case study selling one product
  • Why you should NEVER compete on price & what you SHOULD do instead
  • The ONE mistake I still make in my business after 6 years working for myself -- don't make this stupid mistake
  • DOWNLOAD:  My Job Listing template
  • DOWNLOAD:  Skills Evaluation Email Template
  • DOWNLOAD:  Personality Evaluation Email Template


  • How to scale your ads – the EXACT cheatsheet I’ve used to do $84,000+ in a single month
  • The time of day I scale my ads, and why I do it at that time
  • Why you MUST take the emotion out of scaling your Facebook ads
  • How to scale UP & how to scale OUT -- Should you do both?
  • Why launching Facebook ads is very similar to baseball
  • Why you must get used to "Failing" when it comes to using Facebook advertising
  • What is the MOST important part of the equation?
  • How customer experience can make or break your business
  • How you can leverage Facebook livestreams to drive FREE traffic to your store
  • DOWNLOAD:  The exact spreadsheet I use to track all my numbers -- the unsexy part of the business, but how to build a multiple six figure business


  • Locking down your daily discipline
  • Goal setting moving forward
  • Getting out of your own way
  • How to use email marketing to build a PROFITABLE business
  • Building a brand that you can sell for 7 figures in a few years
  • Should you document your success?

Plus the absolute certainty of what you need to do day in & day out, to CONTINUE growing your Shopify store…AND your income!


  • Your Shopify store up & running…DONE
  • Establish your competitive advantage so your store is the OBVIOUS to your potential customers…DONE
  • Generating consistent sales…DONE
  • Your email marketing in place & making sales while you sleep…DONE
  • Demystifying Facebook ads, so you’re running PROFITABLE ad campaigns…DONE
  • A daily battle plan to ensure your success…DONE


  • Six week personalized intensive mastermind ($3,000)
  • Weekly multi-media training ($1,200)
  • Done for You Templates & Step-by-step worksheets ($600)
  • Group Q & A coaching calls ($3,000)
  • 24/7 mastermind forum, networking & support (PRICELESS)

TOTAL VALUE: $7,800++

Investment: Nothing close to that!

Adam, I Am Ready!

 What Others Are Saying...

Tim Castleman

Right now it's 3pm on 10/16/15 and we've already crossed $260 in sales (with $150 of that being pure profit after ads, etc).

The crazy thing is we're about to cross $1,000 in total sales this weekend and the store has been open for 11 days.

Not friggin bad for someone who had ZERO FB Ad experience, a small budget, and a short attention span.

Anyway, thanks for all your help and making this possible for us so quickly.

Tim Castleman
Brandon Monaghan

If I needed him he would be there within a minute. You want someone to actually show they’re interested in you and that they care about you. That’s why I’d recommend him.

Brandon Monaghan
Charis J

I have only been using Smashify for a little over a week. I was surprised at how easy the program was to follow! I’m a complete idiot when it comes to the eCommerce. I tried to do it on my own and had zero success. I was very reluctant to shell out the money for a program, but then I thought about how unsuccessful I was on my own. That’s when I took the jump and made the purchase.

I started out by watching the videos and was extremely pleased to see how easy they are to follow. It was a lot faster to set up then I thought it would be. I’ve been working on my site now actively for about a week and I'm having great results! I’ve been able to figure most everything out using just by watching the videos but when I did have questions Adam was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Without his help and this program, I’d still only have zero sales and a lot of debt!

Keep up the great work and thanks!

Charis J
Melissa Claverie


Your course is not the first I have purchased. However, after hearing positive things from a trusted person who has used your program I decided to pull the trigger.

From the very first Smashify video I launched my Shopify page within one hour. I am more than ignorant when it comes to technology so this is a huge step for me. What helped me is the simplicity of your information.

Expect to see big things from me in the coming weeks.

Melissa Claverie

Adam, I Am Ready!