From Time-Poor, Broke, and Frustrated to Living Your Dream Life Using 5 Simple Daily Exercises

Join me on this workshop where we’ll do these exercises TOGETHER.
Bring a pen, a notebook, and be ready to transform your life!

Dear friend,

If you would like to learn how to get crystal clear on what you want, accomplish the goals you set for yourself, and explode your confidence, this is the most important letter you'll read this week.

See, I am writing this letter while watching my favorite football team have a perfect start to their season.  This is me "working" because...

I can "work" when I want, where I want.

I live life on my terms.

I have been working from home since 2010. No boss to answer to, no alarm clock, no morning commute.

I create my own schedule, and I don't work on weekends. Fridays are reserved for Ava & Ashton, my kids. And I don't work on weekends, unless I want to.

But it wasn't always like this. Not long ago, I worked 7 days a week, often times 12 (sometimes 14) hour days. And I was barely making any money. McDonald's would have paid better.

But I knew I would eventually "crack the code".

And crack the code, I did.

More importantly, I've started to help other people crack their own codes.

Recently on Facebook, a friend of mine posted a question.

This question got quite a few interesting responses. Some great advice shared from people all over the World.

The question my friend posted was...

What's your "secret to success"?

Some of the responses that generated the most likes were;

  • Intuitive thinking, cannot be taught or learned you either have it or you don't
  • Understanding I can't do it all & Obeying Jesus Christ for success
  • Working 25 hours a day
  • Coffee
  • Never stop learning. Be relentless. Be humble.

All great responses, yes, even the coffee one. I can confirm that has helped me over the years.

But the comment that received the most likes (11 in total) was from an internet marketing legend, Chris Farrell.

I couldn't stop nodding my head in agreement when I read it.

Here it is...

If I would have read that Facebook post 6 years ago, that would have saved me a lot of time, money, frustration & sleepless nights.

If I would have followed the advice.

In 2014, I read a book called The Miracle Morning that taught me the importance of working on the "inner work" daily.

The journaling, visualizing, meditating,  affirmations, intention setting, reading & exercise are all things that I work on DAILY.

Along with Fridays with my kids, these are my non-negotiables.

The "inner work" is where the success comes from. And the fact is, it needs to be worked on daily. Inner work is NOT a one time thing.

Here's the tool that has made the biggest difference for my inner work. And how it can make the biggest difference for you.

You can journal your way to success.

In fact, you can journal your dream life, exactly how you want it to be.

Not just "can", I encourage you to DO!

Check out what these people have to say about the power of journaling...

Journaling is extremely powerful, WHEN you do it daily.

The problem is, most people try it for a couple days, and then give up.

Does that sound familiar? If so, it's not your fault and here's why.

A lot of people struggle with WHAT to journal about. This is common because people are just overthinking it. They are making it more complicated than it needs to be.

So I'm here to help to help. If you're not sure how to get started, what to journal about, or how to use this exercise to create your dream life, read the next line very closely.

I recently did a live workshop where we all journaled together.

Yes, you read that right.

You can watch the replay and journal along side, digitally with me -- 5 total journaling exercises in total.


In this workshop you will discover;

  • How to uncover your true core values
  • How to boost your self-worth with these nine simple words
  • A writing exercise to design your dream day…
  • How to find your WHY by asking these 2 simple questions…
  • A writing exercise that will leave you with a smile on your face, no matter what happened earlier in the day
  • Why you should start your day with this shockingly simple exercise that has the power to transform your day


What You Can Expect as a Result

  • Your communication skills...IMPROVED!
  • The power to achieve any goal you set for yourself!
  • Your memory & comprehension...BOOSTED!
  • Extreme clarity on what you want out of life!
  • Your self-confidence ...INCREASED!

Here's the deal:

This workshop has the power to transform your life, IF you implement it. I can show you what has worked for me, and has worked for others, but it's up to you to take action on it.


A word of warning;

There is NO money back guarantee on this workshop
All sales ARE final

If that makes you even a little nervous, please do not buy.

If you're not looking to do the work, please do not buy.

However, if you're ready to make this small investment, click the button below.

This is a 60 minute workshop, so please grab a pad of paper, a pen and be to write.

The clarity you'll gain will be worth a lot more than the small investment of $47.

See you on the inside,